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Visiting the printing press

As we near completion of our Kreattiv project, and the book created by the project students is in its final pre-publication stages, we visited the place where the book will physically get printed. The printing press, where the digital files containing all our work will become a printed book.

Together with the entire Grade, we toured Progress Press Ltd’s new premises.

IMG_3670Company representatives showed us round the various areas where all the huge printing machines are constantly at work. The whole printing process was outlined to us.

We walked through the digital department where small projects are printed, and also the halls housing the enormous machines that print the larger print runs.

All sorts of material is printed there: from books to magazines to flyers to newspapers.

IMG_3675We were shown the plates where the four printing colours are combined to reproduce all the millions of colours imaginable, and the machines that print, trim, bind and laminate.

Other machines take care of leftover paper. We were also told how printing – which of course uses lots of paper – makes use of sustainable resources.


The entire Grade visited Progress Press over 2 days. Some more photos from the outing, below. (Photos: Ms Alison and Mr Noel)


IMG_3682 IMG_3684 IMG_3685 IMG_3686 IMG_3695 IMG_3697 IMG_3708 IMG_3711 IMG_3725 IMG_3728 IMG_3736 IMG_3752 IMG_3775 IMG_3779 IMG_3783 IMG_3790 IMG_3797 IMG_3827

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post. I learned a lot from it. Hoping to see more of your great post here on your blog.


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